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Party Bag with a difference

With Max turning 6 last month, we wanted to get away from the habit of plastic-stuffed party bags and do something a little different.

Instead, we had a family walk up to Cheddar Gorge, Somerset and hid a Tupperware box at his favourite picnic spot (nicknamed ‘Max Rock’). In the box we left a note that Max had written about it being his birthday and how he was interested to see who else loved this rock. We also left notepads and pens. The box was hidden in a sheltered but relatively obvious place so that anyone who stopped at the rock would likely see it.

At the end of his birthday party (a den-building and fire lighting party in the woods) we gave out a ‘secret mission’ instead of a party bag so that each of his friends would have a set of instructions on where to find the box and how to leave a message for Max. The kids were very excited about the secret mission and I know that a number of them have already been up and completed the mission!

We went back up to Max Rock a week ago to check the box and Max was totally bowled over by the number of responses and birthday wishes he has received from all over the world! I’ve attached a few of them to share.

I’ve attached the pictures with the instructions to the secret mission above if you fancied doing something similar for your child’s party bag. It would also be great if anyone near Cheddar wanted to complete the mission (we’ll leave the box up there for a few more weeks!) Max would be thrilled to hear from you!