Mini Adventures - Easy, weekday fun

For most of us, daily life can be pretty chaotic. There's work, the kids in school or pre-school, general housework and a million other things that make the week just whizz past without a chance for an outdoor adventure, as much as we all love them. And that's not to mention that the evenings can be short and dark, the weather is often cold and a bit rubbish, and the sofa and a glass of wine can be more tempting than venturing out.

The mini adventure challenge

My sister (aka Becks of Go Wild Go West) has always said ‘what is it that you’re going to remember? Is it doing the hoovering, or is it doing something fun?’ WELL, with that in mind I’ve set myself a new challenge. On one day a week, whether it be early morning, after school/work, or in the evening; whether it be in brightest summer, or the drizzly, dark winter the kids and I are going to have a mini adventure.

What is a mini adventure?

A mini adventure can be anything! It tends to be short, local, and easy to organise to fit in with a busy day. It can be a short walk with hot chocolate, watching the sunrise before work/school, cooking dinner outdoors, going on an owl hunt... When you get home your cheeks may be rosy and your clothes may be soaked but having that time together, outdoors is like a much needed breath of fresh air.

What will your mini adventure be?

Join us in carving out a bit of time each week to create a mini-adventure and see where your expeditions lead you...! Comment below on what you've been doing